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Ads on IM

thought i'd comment on one recent pet peeve of mine.. since when do people use spam over im? i've gotten like a billion random messages from people in the last two days, mainly to do with whether i want pictures of hot (insert ethnic group) young sluts. i think i'm on some kind of automater, julia roberts has messaged me like 10 times with different numbers in her naem. and the worst part is, i can't just block all of them because my idiot friends keep changing their nicknames. shouldn't aol be able to tell when someone is cycling through thousands of names on the same computer? i'm starting to get pissed - i can't leave my computer on overnight without the screen getting covered in those random message popups.
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Hi. Figured I might as well check your journal out since you did mine. Welcome to LJ. Yeah, spam is a bitch to deal with. Just avoid clicking on the porn links and you should be fine. Very slowly, the gov't is making laws against "spam email". Hopefully "spam ims" will be addressed soon enough.